Portable Water

Purifier Bottle

Purisoo is life.

Saving Lives,

One Purisoo filter can replace
500 plastic water bottles. (500ml)



Purisoo is your friend.


  • Removes harmful bacteria completely

  • Designed for portability and purifying quickly

  • Multi-layer sieves system extends Filter’s lifespan

– 2019 GOOD DESIGN Award, Sliver Prize

– 2019 K-Design Award, Gold Winner (PURISOO+)

– 2018 Red Dot Design Concept Award

– 2018 Japan Good Design Award

– 2018 Gadget Flow Innovation Award

Design-thinking : Design recognized by the world’s three major design awards (Red Dot)


Absorbs external shocks with a double grid structure. Durability to suit outdoor activities.

Universal Design

Ergonomic design provides ease of use for everyone including children and the elderly

Hygienical Structure

Only purified water is stored in the bottle. Contaminated water is never stored in the bottle

Food Grade Material

Made with environment-friendly materials certified by FDA

Community Benefit

Can share the purified water with others hygienically


Two different length extension hoses for flexible usage to suit your situation.

Usage : Anytime, Anywhere


Must Have Item

For A Pleasant Trip

Backpacking or traveling somewhere with unsafe drinking water? Purisoo will provide you safe drinking water every time.


The Real

Outdoor Experience

Purisoo is specially designed for outdoor activity. There’s no need to bring bottled water for your journey. Just prepare Purisoo. It’s all you need while enjoying nature.


The First Priority of Survival

in Extreme Situations; Water

Securing drinking water is essential in an emergency. Feel safe with Purisoo.

In 60 seconds

Removing 99.99% Bacteria

Get 400cc of Drinking Water

ECO friendly : For Myself and For the Nature

Purisoo cares about nature.
Reduce the use of plastics. By using Purisoo,
you won’t need to dispose of thousands of plastic water bottles into the environment.

Contact Information

We would like to express our deep gratitude to you for your purchase of Purisoo, and we will address any inconvenience or questions you may have while using the Purisoo. We will continue to do our best to help you use our products and services.

Fax: +82-2-6207-4986