Using Tips

We provide useful and essential tips each step of the way to make it more convenient to use of Purisoo.


Before using Purisoo

1. Read the User Guide

Read the user manual carefully for accurate use and understand the use of Purisoo in advance. (You can also download the user manual from the Purisoo website [Support] > [Download].)

2. Check Parts

Check if all basic parts are there.

  • Handle(①) / Bottom Cap(⑬)
  • Body(⑨)
  • Filter(⑫)
  • Hose Adapter(1) + Hose(2)
  • Strainer(3)

3. Cleaning

Be sure to clean all parts of Purisoo before using it! The product packaging process may contain dust.

While using Purisoo

  # Pumping

1. Check if filter is installed

Check the filter guide(⑩) for correct installation.

2. Pumping capacity

Before you start to purify, make sure Purisoo is well sealed. With the filter installed, pull the handle to see if it fits in the center of the lower cover. If it fits correctly, you can pump it normally. Otherwise, it may not pump properly.

  # Is the pump still not working? Then…

1. Check if the alignment marks are correct

Make sure the alignment marks of the Purisoo line up correctly. Handle(①)-Window on the bottle body-Bottom Cap(⑪) must be aligned.

2. Check if filter is installed

Check the filter guide(⑩) for correct installation.

  # Can’t pump even though you’ve checked everything above? Then…

1. Turn the Top Cap(②) a little further

There may be a gap between the internal silicon parts, causing an air leak. If you lock the cap a bit harder, passing the alignment mark, it will get more pressure so that you can purify.

2. Check all three check valves

  • 1 Air valve(④) on the Top Cap
  • 2 left / right water check valves(⑧) on the Pump Cylinder

There are three check valves in total as shown above. If any of these are missing, air leaks through the holes, which prevents proper pressure. Check that all check valves are correctly installed.

  # If you still can’t pump, please contact the Team Purisoo. CONTACT US

# When you drink

1. Turn the handle counterclockwise to remove it

Lock -> Unlock

2. Open the silicon lid and Drink

If less water comes out, open the back of the silicon lid enough to allow air to flow in and water to flow better.

At this time, the water may suddenly run out, so please be careful.

# After drinking,

1. Close the silicon lid completely

If not, the water may leak.

2. Lock the handle by turning it clockwise.

Unlock -> Lock

After using Purisoo

  * Cleaning filter and bottle

1. Detach filter and body

Remove filter and Body separately

2. Clean the filter and body

Wash the bottom of filter with running water. Shake the filter in the water several times. Please dry the filter completely for next use. Clean the main bottle body and the exchangeable sieve also.

* Cautions:
Do not remove the ball housing when cleaning the filter guide! If the ball inside is missing, the pump will not work properly! (in case of 2019 version)

Please check the video for more detail explanation.

  * Store filter and bottle

1. Dry each part separately

After cleaning, there may be areas where water is collected. For hygiene purposes, please separate each part and dry completely.

2. Check the user manual and FAQ

For more information, please read the user manual or FAQ

3. Check the video about how to store filter!