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「Purisoo」 reddot award design concept 2018





A reusable, portable, premium purification water bottle that protects users from consuming contaminated water while outdoor trekking, travelling, or in a disaster situation.

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「Purisoo」 Japan Good Design Award 2018




” A portable drinking water dispenser is an indispensable product because it is directly related to human life. This product emphasizes the importance of design connecting to everyday life by offering the simplest and easiest way to get safe drinking water in diverse places and situations during outdoor activities. It earned a patent for its highly robust components and increased usability compared to other existing products with a similar concept. This product is truly a design for a humane purpose. The relief this small product can provide is that one can drink clean water anytime and anyplace. ”

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유투시스템 ‘퓨리수’ 2018 레드닷 디자인 컨셉상 수상


종합 디자인 컨설팅 기업 유투시스템(대표 최재현)의 대표 제품 퓨리수(Purisoo)가 ‘2018 레드닷 디자인 컨셉 어워드’를 수상했다.

지난달 28일, 마리나 베이 샌즈 잔디광장에서 2018 싱가포르 레드닷 디자인 콘셉트 어워드(Singapore Red Dot Design Concept Award 2018)가 열렸다. 이날 휴대용 정수 물병 퓨리수(Purisoo)는 여행(Travel) 부문에 Winner로 선정됐다.

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人間は一日に2リットル以上の水分を必要とするといわれている。災害時などは清潔な飲料水 Save & Exit を確保できるかどうかが生死の境目になることもあるが、ポンプ式浄水ボトル「Purisoo」があれば、泥水からでも清潔な飲料水を作り出すことを可能にしてくれる。

「Purisoo」はクラウドファンディングサイトKickstarterでキャンペーンを実施しており、Early Birdプランでは69ドル(約7,200円)の出資で「Purisoo」1台を入手可能だ。国際発送にも対応しており、日本への発送料は15ドル(約1,600円)となっている。


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隨身攜帶淨水器 Purisoo!一抽即飲秒變淨水


在正常情況下,大家基本上不會遇上缺水問題。但有些人總是未雨綢繆,考慮到無法預計的天災人禍,有公司就設計出一款能夠將淡水即時變成飲用水的便攜淨水器 Purisoo。這樣,就算面對突如其來的缺水情況,都能夠應對自如!

Purisoo 的使用方法簡單,只要用吸嘴對準想要淨化的淡水,並把水抽入樽内。淡水會在抽入樽内時經過 3 層濾水器,直接變爲淨水留在樽内。而用家想飲水的時候,只要將整枝 Purisoo 倒轉,用另一邊的樽口飲就可以。Purisoo 的專用濾水器可以隨時抽出來更換,據官方所說,Purisoo 能夠過濾 99.99% 的細菌以及雜質,可以淨化各種淡水包括山水、雨水、水喉水,以至是銹水、尿液。但對受污染、有毒的淡水,海水等就沒有用。

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Water Bottle Filters Dirty Water Anywhere


This water bottle lets you safely drink water — even when it comes from a dirty river.

“Purisoo” purifies water from natural sources to make sure you’ve always got clean water on you. But unlike bottles that only rely on a purifying straw, which can subject you to outlying bacteria, Purisoo filters the water you draw into it. It uses a triple-layer filtration system, so it keeps the water safe from contaminants in its reservoir on the other end, which detaches so you can drink without worrying. The bottle also features an extending tube that can get into hard-to-reach sources of water.

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Purisoo净水杯 脏水也能变饮用水




Purisoo净水杯使用了手动泵技术,可以将污水变成可直接饮用的纯净水。在户外紧急情况下净化河水来饮用,它操作很简单,就像操作打气球的气泵一样拉动手柄,水就会经过抽水口进入过滤器,经过过滤器,水里 99.99%的细菌和微粒都会被过滤掉,由污水变成了可饮用水。被净化过的水存储在饮水库中,让你随时饮用。

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Бутыль Purisoo очистит воду


Если ваш поход затянулся, то велика вероятность того, что ваши запасы воды могут иссякнуть. И тогда на помощь придет гаджет Purisoo. Это бутылка с мощным очистительным фильтром внутри. Такой гаджет не займет много места в рюкзаке, зато выручит в любой безвыходной ситуации. Главное, чтобы рядом была вода. Причем не самая чистая — это может быть озеро, речка, стоячий пруд или даже большая лужа. Система мощной очистки без труда справится с задачей.

Purisoo состоит из трех главных частей: фильтра, встроенного в основание бутыли; ручной помпы в верхней части и резервуара для чистой воды посередине. Работает гаджет по принципу насоса. Вы набираете внутрь воду, а та проходит через фильтр, который очищает воду не только от ржавчины, но также от вредных бактерий и даже тяжелых металлов. Ресурс фильтра расчитан на «прогон» 1000 литров жидкости. Встроенная емкость для чистой воды вмещает 410 миллилитров очищенной влаги. Базовый комплект Purisoo можно заказать за $69 (

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Purisoo: Diese Trinkflasche reinigt auf dem Hiking-Trip jedes Wasser


So schön es ist, an den ersten milden Tagen des Jahres in die Natur zu gehen, so unpraktisch ist es, diverse Wasserflaschen auf dem Wander-Trip mitzuschleppen. Jetzt gibt es mit Purisoo eine Trinkflasche, die das Wasser aus dem Bach, dem See oder selbst einer Pfütze sofort trinkbar macht.

Dank manuellen Pumpens und austauschbaren Filtern hast Du so beim Wandern, auf Reisen oder im Notfall immer trinkbares Wasser zur Verfügung.

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बिना किसी झंझट के पानी को साफ करेगी Purisoo बोतल


इस वॉटर बोतल को उपयोग में लाना काफी आसान है। इसके डिजाइन को खास पमिंपिंग टैक्नोलॉजी से तैयार किया गया है जो पानी के थोड़ी मात्रा में उपलब्ध होने पर भी पिचकारी में पानी भरने के जैसे इसमें पानी भरने की अनुमति देता है। इसकी मदद से आप बारिश का पानी, घाटी व झील का पानी व नल के पानी को भी साफ कर सकते हैं।

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Purisoo: Chiếc bình lọc nước di động giúp bạn uống nước sạch ở bất kỳ nơi đâu trên thế giới


Dù cho bạn có đang ở nơi có nguồn nước ô nhiễm thì chỉ cần với Purisoo, một chiếc bình lọc nước di động sáng tạo sẽ giúp bạn có ngay một cốc nước sạch để uống qua cơn khát.

Một trong những vấn đề hàng đầu mà con người hiện nay phải đối mặt, đó là an ninh nước sạch. Trong bối cảnh nguồn nước ngọt tự nhiên đang dần khan hiếm thì vẫn có nhiều nơi trên Trái Đất, nước đang bị ô nhiễm trầm trọng tới nỗi thể uống và sinh hoạt.

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Dieser Trinkbecher kann Leben retten


Purisoo könnte bald Leben retten. Die Flasche hat ein integriertes Filtersystem, mit dem man dreckiges Wasser reinigt. Selbst Urin soll das Crowdfunding-Projekt in Notsituationen trinkbar machen.

Wasser aus einem Bach trinken? Beim Gebrauch von “Purisoo” ist das ungefährlich. Die Flasche filtert das Wasser beim Einfüllen. 99,99% aller Bakterien bleiben im Filter hängen. Selbst Urin macht Purisoo wieder trinkbar. Der Behälter ist damit nicht nur für Naturfreunde praktisch.

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Purisoo Portable Water Purification Bottle


Backpackers, travellers and adventurers looking for a portable water purification system may be interested in a new system called Purisoo. Using its integrated manual pump the Purisoo is capable of purifying water anytime, anywhere and removes any countenance from the water before they enter your bottle. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the Purisoo waterproof occasion system.

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Purisoo lets you purify water via its innovative pumping system


Rather than bringing liter upon liter of bottled water with you on your next nature adventure, you may instead be able to depend upon the water found in nature itself. No, you won’t have to bring iodine capsules, and no, you won’t just have to drink straight from the stream. Rather, with the new Purisoo bottle, you’ll have a reusable, portable, water purification system that you can use just about anywhere at anytime. Whether you’re hiking, traveling, or facing a clean water shortage at home, the Purisoo hopes to help by giving you a way to manually pump any fresh water source into clean, safe, drinking water.

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Purisoo Cleans Water with Manual Pumping


The engineers at Purisoo want access to clean water for everyone, but they took issue with the currently available products. Drinking water through a filter straw required your face to be extremely close to contaminated water. Some devices required filling the drinking area with contaminated water before filtering and then moving your mouth to the area where dirty water had just flowed. Their solution to these issues is the Purisoo water purifier system, a portable water purifier bottle that requires the user to manually pump for clear water. The group is currently running a crowdfunding campaign to fund their first production run.

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Purisoo bottle draws, filters and carries water in one convenient package


Bottles with integrated filters have become quite popular over the years and are on offer from brands like LifeStraw, Katadyn and Sawyer. Purisoo designers allude to a problem with how these bottles require you to fill up with untreated water before sucking that water through the filter straw. This can leave microscopic organisms like bacteria lingering around the top of the bottle, putting you at risk of accidentally ingesting them.

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‘Purisoo’ is not just your everyday tumbler


Water is a natural resource that is easily taken granted for. It is a vital source of life and helps us function throughout our daily lives by keeping us energetic and hydrated. Not having enough water can leave us ill, parched, and lethargic. People are constantly carrying around plastic water bottles and disposing them without proper care; this can be avoided if they can just have accessible water everywhere they go, but that itself can be difficult. However, U2 System, a South Korean company, has revolutionized the generic portable water tumbler through their newest product of interest.

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Purisoo – a reusable water bottle that is environmental friendly


It’s easy for people nowadays to forget about certain luxuries offered by some of the earth’s resources. For instance, water is such a vital part of maintaining our health and hydration levels, yet we forget to drink the recommended daily amount. This could be due to the fact that many of us have substituted water with sugary or caffeinated drinks. Fortunately, a company called U2 System has released a product that not only makes us more inclined to make water part of our daily nutrition plan but it also promotes drinking clean, purified water to enhance our overall bodily functions.

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Purisoo Portable Water Purifier Bottle


Have access to clean water anywhere your adventures take you with the Purisoo Portable Water Purifier Bottle. Featuring a revolutionary design, this bottle has a built-in pump. Simply place the bottle into the water source and pull the pump. Water instantly fills inside the bottle through the filters. The combination of a hollow fiber membrane, activated carbon, and a fabric filter work together to remove 99.99% of protozoans and bacteria. In addition, it captures sediments as small as 0.1microns. Nearly any water source can become clean and safe drinking water. Incredibly, a single replaceable Purisoo filter can purify up to 1,000 liters. Thanks to the smart bottle shape, you can drink directly from the Purisoo or you can pour into different vessels. Whether it’s during an emergency or adventure is calling, Purisoo provides you with essential drinking water. Read More