Filter Cartridge

The Purisoo filter cartridge is a double-filtering system

with the most excellent filtering capabilities.

  • The reason why you can purify 99.99% ! 99.99%

• Hollow Fiber Membrane

• Activated Carbon Fiber

Purisoo filter out all of these bacteria!


Size: 0.5~1.0μm
Cause Food poisoning and dysentery bacterial gastritis

Escherichia coli

Size: 0.4~0.7μm
Cause food poisoning (diarrhea) travel destination

Staphylococcus aureus

Size: 0.5~1.2μm
Cause Food poisoning ( vomiting) and the cause of the chemical disease in the skin
It is heat-resistant bacteria, and the intestinal toxin produced by yellow-protein will not be destroyed after 30 minutes of heating at 100°C.


Size: 0.7~1.5μm
Food poisoning ( fever, stomachache, diarrhea), typhoid

Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Size: 0.5~0.8μm
Hypoglysis and chronic infections. Rapid evaporation in watery areas

Environment-friendly ABS Material

Ultrasonic Fusion! No Glue Used

Filter Testing Certificate
(Korea Environment & Water Works Institute)