Hello, Purisoo

Hello, Purisoo is your daily life and travel mate!


Product Story

Purisoo was inspired by the 2016 Korean Movie, ‘Tunnel’. The hero is trapped in a collapsed tunnel on his way home.
He was left with a mobile phone with 78% of battery, a birthday cake and  just two bottles of water to survive.
It would have been much better if there were a tool that could purify water. Inspired by this movie, we created Purisoo.

What is Purisoo

Purisoo is a reusable, portable, premium-design purification water bottle that protects you and your family from consuming contaminated water while outdoor activities such as backpacking, camping and traveling and during disasters!

With manual pumping, almost any water source can be purified and filtered into clean, safe drinking water.

Just place the bottom of the bottle into any water resource. The pump draws dirty water through the filter, filling the bottle only with clean, drinkable water. Contaminated water is never stored in the bottle.

Purify + 水 (Soo) = PURISOO

‘SOO’ is the Korean pronunciation of the Chinese character for ‘water’.

Time for Purisoo

Purisoo is useful for outdoor activities, camping and traveling when safe drinking water is not available.

You can also prepare for disasters with Purisoo!
You can easily get clean drinking water in the event of disasters such as typhoon or earthquake by using Purisoo.

Further more, Purisoo can be used as a common tumbler in your daily life as well.